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When you open a panel while another panel is already open the layout breaks, despite the fact the first panel will be closed automatically. Opening and closing a panel doesn't work as expected anymore either.

Test page: (test on a screen width of 880+ px because then we disable dismissible for "push" with a media query)

Click left or right panel examples: "push". While the "push" panel is open, click on "reveal" (same side). Now the layout is broken and you can't close the "reveal" panel anymore.

It's not only an issue for the combination push > reveal. I tested with dismissible set to false for all panels and similar problems occur with other combinations.

Things to look into:

  • When we close the first panel with immediate set to true the CSS transition will still be used to close it. It's only that we don't wait for the transition to end before continuing the closing process. It would be better if we disable the transition as well.
  • The media query for responsive layout sets a margin and width: auto; instead of 100% for content wrap and/or fixed toolbars. This is not animated. Because we remove class .ui-page-panel-open when closing the first panel and add it for the second panel, animations look broken.
  • Maybe we should not start opening the second panel until the first one is closed.

Also, in the docs we say it is possible to open two panels programmatically. Although I haven't tested yet, I am pretty sure the CSS supports does not support this. I suggest to remove this from the docs.


this only seems to be an issue with reveal it works fine with over lay and push though it seems that push gets somehow changed to overlay when you link from one push panel to the other. the combo of push and overlay seems the same.

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