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Two changePage reloads put nested lists in bad state #5533

canavese opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Demonstrated here:

Steps to reproduce:
1. Click the reload button in the header.
2. Click the reload button in the header a second time.
3. Clicking on any links to open nested lists fails. Link is highlighted, but does not open nested list. Reload button is now not functional.

Tested on OSX Safari, OSX Chrome, and iPhone.

Page reload is done with:
$.mobile.changePage(location.href, {reloadPage: true, allowSamePageTransition: true, transition: 'none', changeHash: false});

I see the following errors in the console:

  • Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method '_trigger' of undefined
  • Uncaught ReferenceError: remoteWindow is not defined

Am I doing anything wrong in the page reload?



I am closing this ticket as won't fix because we deprecated nested listviews. See #5657 for further details.

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