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Windows Surface Tablet sends base url to server when we click on element having href = "#" attribute #5558

sachinbambal opened this Issue · 9 comments

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If the UI element contain href = "#" attribute then windows surface tablet sends the base URL to server automatically. This works fine in iPad tablet. If we remove this attribute from element then it works fine.

For Ex


if we remove href="#" from then it works fine in surface


@sachinbambal Can you please explain in more detail exactly what is happening we dont have a surface to try this on but we would like to look into the issue. Can you detail exactly what happens when you click on a link like this and exactly what it break? any further explanation and details you can provide will be a big help.


I have created sample combos, native and select menu.

In Surface when I am selecting value from select menu then I can see one url sent back to server (,
but in case of native combo it does not sent anything back.

In our application when user click on combo or any element which has href="#" element base url is sent back to server but server expect other URL which it did not find in that url request and then server starts sending wrong results to the client.


I've been testing the custom selects on WinRT and it does seem to popup up the URL bar which is odd, but everything seems to function ok. Are you saying that when you open it, it actually posts back to the server? Just trying to understand the problem in more detail.



I have pasted a JSBin url in my previous post. Here's what you can do to repro the issue after which you probably will have a clear understanding of the problem.

1) Fire the URL in iPad with Mobile Safari environment.

2) Open the Custom SelectMenu.

3) Click on any of the option in Custom SelectMenu. If you have fiddler attached to the session, you would not notice any HTTP request from the browser.

4) Now, please try the above steps by replacing iPad with Windows Surface and Use IE10 as browser. In this case, you would notice a HTTP request from the browser which hits the same URL as mentioned in the browser address bar.

I do not think there should be any extra HTTP request on touch of any link in IE10 with Surface environment which is what happening right now.


@sachinbambal im testing this on ie10 on browserstack and using the inspector and it is not capturing any http requests while on the bottom it will show a url with hash no request is ever captured. No one here is familier with fiddler but inspector will capture any requests and we are not seeing any here.


@arschmitz ie10 browser on desktop works fine but in actual surface device you can notice this behavior


If this fires off a request, sure seems like a bug in IE10 on WinRT. @sachinbambal - can you try to isolate this into a test page that doesn't use jQM to see if a bug can be filed with Microsoft?


@ toddparker We have two combo's in our application, select menu combo and native combo. Native combo do not send any http request back to server where as select menu sends http request back to server in surface tablet. In test page also I have created two combos native and select, if we open this test page in surface and click on select menu with fiddler we can see there is http request sent to server where as native combo does not send any thing. Without jquery mobile lib combo works fine in surface tablet.


@sachinbambal i just tested on surface RT and watching the network tab in the inspector there is no request being sent to the server the little popup at bottom does show the address but this is just showing the link clicked as generally happens when you mouse over links or click them in most browsers. you can see the same thing in chrome on desktop this however does not mean that a request is being sent to the server.

Since i cannot reproduce im going to close this issue

@arschmitz arschmitz closed this
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