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pupvogel commented Feb 2, 2013

The url bar on my Android phone won't disappear completely (only about 20% of it) when using jQM "out-of-the-box".
I need to use a hack based on this - I'm clearing and restarting that timeout if several resize events fire in short succession, and that way it seems to work very good.

When I don't use the hack, about 20% of the address bar scroll up on initial view - and just lock there. I can't manually scroll away more than that.
After an orientationchange, the whole addressbar is visible again, but can be scrolled away completely.
Turning the phone back to the first position brings up the whole address bar again, but it can only be scrolled away up to 20% - so the user just can never get rid of it in the initial orientation.

pupvogel commented Feb 3, 2013

Another testpage containing a form and one more issue, which, I believe, is also caused by jQuery Mobile's current handling of page resizes - so I believe it's ok to put this in here too:

On my Android 2.3.4 (Sony Xperia mini), if the credentials are entered a second time on that url, the browser wants to help and show usernames that were entered before...in that moment, the screen starts to jump up and down like crazy, leaving the user quite helpless.
If jQM is deactivated, the form can be filled out ok.


ldeluca commented Nov 4, 2014

I tried to reproduce both of these issues and wasn't able to using the latest jQM. That being said the emulator I used was Android 2.3.7 not 2.3.4. I created a Cordova application and didn't have any problems at all. I know that what you were doing was using a regular browser and those are hard to debug because there is no guarantee that someone is using the default browser/webview vs. a downloaded browser app. Can you please verify whether or not this is still an issue for you using the latest jQM? I know this bug is almost 1.5 years old so perhaps it was fixed with the latest updates.


arschmitz commented Nov 4, 2014

I'm going to close this since we cant reproduce with latest. If this is still an issue comment with a reproducible test case and we will reopen.

@arschmitz arschmitz closed this Nov 4, 2014

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