1.3.0 beta breaks integration with backbone.js by processing hash changes #5580

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when switched from 1.2 to 1.3.0 beta hashchange() is called despite that we have in mobileinit callback:

$.mobile.ajaxEnabled = false;
$.mobile.linkBindingEnabled = false;
$.mobile.hashListeningEnabled = false;

This causes bogus xhr requests sent to the server. We use backbone.js and control URL hash changes ourselves.

A temp workaround - added return; as the first line in hashchange()
Sorry, did not have time to create a small jsBin test to narrow down the issue, but you can see a full application working with a patched hashchange() here: http://urbien.com/app/ichangeme


Same problem here. Did you find any other solutions?


@dasnotme sorry for the late reply
in jqm 1.3 final I removed the hack that I had to put in 1.3 beta for this bug and it works fine
I noticed some other issue reported exactly the same problem and that issue was closed as fixed. This gives me more confidence it is fixed for good. Do you still have a problem in 1.3 final?

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sounds like this is fixed if any one can still reproduce i will reopen

@arschmitz arschmitz closed this Aug 7, 2013
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