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fast slide and breaking logic. #5601

poonkave opened this Issue · 6 comments

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John Chacko Jasper de Groot Alexander Schmitz Rasmus Christiansen
John Chacko

had an issue with my application where I am listening to 'pagebeforechange' and injecting all pages dynamically on an ajax return.
Transition is set to 'slide' and issue is with Chrome where 'slide' is not supported.
In Safari it seems fine as 'slide' supported.

Please see below samples to replicate issue.

Its listening to 'pagebeforechange' and injecting a newpage with lists.
An ajax call is made to replicate issue.Ajax response is not used for building page.

Click list items one after another fast and it stops responding to any clicks(changePage) after 4/5 transitions.

I put breakpoint in $.mobile.changePage and can see 'isPageTransitioning' is true and it satisfies a condition and return without changing page.

I understand there is a mechanism of queuing all page transition calls to 'pageTransitionQueue' and exceuting one after another in case of more simultaneous requests.

This mechanism works fine in Safari where 'slide' is supported.But it breaks in Chrome and it won't throw any error either. But logically fails.I can see 'pageTransitionQueue' got length.

I know it needs aggressive clicks to replicate this. But it won't throw error in console and stop responding.

Please let me know it you couldn't replicate it.

Jasper de Groot


I couldn't reproduce the issue. What OS/Chrome version? What do you mean by "Chrome where slide is not supported"?

John Chacko

I am on Desktop (win XP ) and latest Chrome (Version 24.0.1312.57 m). I don't see any of transitions in Chrome. I checked my collegues Desktop Chrome also.
First question, is Transitions ( supposed to work in desktop Chrome?

I can replicate this in Chrome and Android 2.x browsers, where transitions are not supported.

Please see this video (sorry I dont have youtube at work) Will give an idea on how fast I am clicking.

After some changePage()'s it stop responsing without any error.
Please see below screenshots where I put a breakpoint in changePage to see values of 'isPageTransitioning' & 'pageTransitionQueue'


All I am worried is it happens in my actual Application.....

John Chacko poonkave closed this
John Chacko poonkave reopened this
Jasper de Groot


I think Chrome doesn't support transform3d on Win XP. That's why transitions don't work there.
Will test this with transitions set to false and see if there is something in the logic we need to change.

Alexander Schmitz

@poonkave can you check and see if this is still an issue for you with latest we have made some changes in this area and hoping this has fixed this issue if not i will see what i can find for the logical error causing this.

Rasmus Christiansen

@arschmitz I think we can close this one due to stall/lack of response

Alexander Schmitz

@Ruffio agreed closing

Alexander Schmitz arschmitz closed this
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