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Once a button (in theme-a) is selected it turns blue and it stays blue. I'd like it to just flash blue to indicate it was selected and stay in it's original theme otherwise. It should be configured to reset automatically.
I'm using Ajax to handle the button event.

This works in some browsers and not in others.


Working platforms:
Windows Safari 5.1.7
Windows Chrome 24.0.1312.57 m
Non Working platforms:
Windows Phone 8
Windows Internet Explorer 10
Windows Firefox 18.0.2

Used JQuery versions


jaspermdegroot commented Feb 14, 2013


The only button with theme "a" on that page is the one at the top of the left nav menu. The reason that button keeps the active state after you click on it, is that it links to the same page. Normally clicking a link means navigating away from the page and the framework removes the active button class on pagehide. That event doesn't fire in this case.

You say "it's working" on Windows Safari and Chrome. I see same behaviour on those browsers though. Did I misunderstood the issue?

I’m sorry about that theme but i meant this button that is below ”Input type="button" based button:" text
I added pictures one from IE and one from Safari. Other stays blue and other returns to normal.


I’m using lot of buttons to update current view with Ajax, and it's not good that last pressed button stays blue.
Is there some way around for IE and Firefox to return state to normal after click.
I would appreciate application wide solution.


jaspermdegroot commented Feb 14, 2013


Ah ok, you are talking about the focus state, not the active state. This indeed something we have to look into. There is already a ticket for this so I am closing this one as duplicate of #5409.

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