Make the presence of ARIA landmarks inside pages configurable #5650

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vick08 commented Feb 17, 2013

Currently, JQM inserts ARIA landmarks such as Banner, Main and others into the pages by default. While this is a good idea for mobile web sites, this is rather unnecessary in self-contained apps (created with Phonegap, for example).
I therefore propose that these landmarks can be toggled on or off via the configuration options.


jerone commented Feb 17, 2013

I agree if this will improve performance.


jaspermdegroot commented Feb 17, 2013

@vick08 Hi Victor!

I noticed you were looking for us on IRC to discuss WAI-ARIA. At the moment we are very busy to get things ready for the 1.3 final release. So let's talk on IRC later this week after the release, ok?
Looking forward to work with you on improving accessibility.

vick08 commented Mar 31, 2013

Ability to configure ARIA landmarks has less to do with performance but more with the user experience. If you use a screen reader, like VoiceOver on iOS, you may find landmarks too chatty in certain situations, as described in the issue description.


jaspermdegroot commented May 2, 2013

I think another benefit of making the developer control whether the ARIA landmark should be added or not is when you use HTML5 structural tags for document outline, but don't apply any style to those to avoid issues with older browsers.
I suppose that in this case the ARIA landmark role should be added to the structural tag and not the div with the data-role. Or maybe landmarks can even be omitted in this case (I am not really sure about that yet).

<header role="banner">
   <div data-role="header">   </div>
<main role="main">
   <div data-role="content">   </div>
<footer role="contentinfo">
   <div data-role="footer">   </div>

vick08 commented May 2, 2013

You'd want to pair ARIA landmark roles with their HTML5 counterparts. This way you achieve backward compatibility. According to the spec ARIA roles will superceed the tags they are placed on.
I completely agree that landmarks should be configurable by the developer in either case. In constrained environments, like native apps, they may not be needed and should be turned off.

Developers should have the parameter(s) to turn landmarks on as they wish.


toddparker commented May 2, 2013

@vick08 - sounds like a plan. @ugomobi - thanks for moving this forward.


arschmitz commented Jun 29, 2015

We have discussed this and this is important in all environments screen readers still work in in apps with phonegap. We do not consider accessibility optional so im going to close this. As far as HTML5 elements it will not hurt anything to add them still. These will not cause a repaint or reflow so adding them is not really a performance concern.

arschmitz closed this Jun 29, 2015

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