Textinput: height not correctly calculated due to box-sizing #5690

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Textareas are automatically resized (in height) to prevent scrollbars from appearing, using this code (lines 142-129 in js/widgets/forms/textinput.js):

var scrollHeight = input[ 0 ].scrollHeight,
    clientHeight = input[ 0 ].clientHeight;

if ( clientHeight < scrollHeight ) {
    input.height( scrollHeight + extraLineHeight );

Furthermore textareas get the .ui-input-text class assigned (see line 49 in js/widgets/forms/textinput.js), which contains box-sizing: border-box; (see line 14 in css/structure/jquery.mobile.forms.textinput.css).

The scrollHeight property of an element is the height of the content of the element (text in the textarea) and the padding before and after the content (padding-top and padding-bottom of the textarea). The value of this property is used to calculate the new height for the textarea (see the second to last line in the first code block in this post).

This calculated height is assigned to the element using the jQuery .height() method. This method "is always the content height".

This means that we're assigning the content + padding height (from scrollHeight) as if it were the content height only (thus adding the padding height to the content height, making the element higher than intended).

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…tinput: height not correctly calculated due to box-sizing
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Implemented component without jQuery #6

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