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I'm new here; please be kind.

I am using .listview() to render search results. After the search results change, I container.innerHTML = '' and then .listview() the new contents. I accept there may be a better way to do this without re-building the control and would be happy to receive advice on this topic, but I believe what I'm doing should work.

The problem is that on first invocation of .listview(), _createSubPages() creates a set of pages for the sub items. When I .innerHTML = '' those sub pages remain. On the second invocation of .listview() it then creates a second set of sub pages with the second call to _createSubPages(). This then causes problems as when it is transitioning in/out of the sub page, it makes calls like toggleViewportClass() twice meaning it reverts the original meaning.

I fixed this in my local copy by doing the following:

    refresh: function( create ) {
        this.parentPage = this.element.closest( ".ui-page" );

        // If creating this control; delete any previous pages which may have existed on a previous incarnation of this listview()
        if (create) {


        // As before...

The flaw still exists in jQuery.Mobile 1.3.1 and I'd appreciate someone with more authority reviewing my proposed fix and applying it to a future version.



jaspermdegroot commented Apr 18, 2013


Welcome and thanks for submitting the issue and proposing a fix.
Nested listviews have been deprecated as of 1.3.0 and the feature will be removed in 1.4. Bugs in previous versions won't be fixed. See #5657.
That being said, your workaround seems good to me. I haven't tested it though.
Closing this ticket as won't fix.

PS. Please include a test page that illustrates the bug when submitting an issue. See our contributing guidelines. Thanks!

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