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Some icons are not centered inside the background disc #6356

jaspermdegroot opened this Issue Aug 19, 2013 · 5 comments

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We have to look at the new default theme at various screens and probably need to increase contrast. Especially bars and border colors of swatch B need some attention.

The new icons are a bit bigger than the old ones. We already increased the size of the background disc, but there are a few icons that we might have to make smaller.


Will there be an option to have button gradients on 1.4 new theme roller?

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@jeffkevin - We will try to keep this in the ThemeRoller. It depends a bit if it's possible to do this without having it exporting the gradient property/values if you don't use them.


I also feel that some icons could do with a little more "centering". It seems that several icons have base dimensions upon which they're built that are not always 14x14 base (or any square base for that matter).
Here is a list of icons which to me look "off-center" and can do with some alignment.


I have mocked up a few by changing the svg values for them and attached a screenshot below. Whilst some aren't perfect I think you can see what I mean by them looking more centered and therefore a bit more slick.

icons - jquery mobile demos

@toddparker toddparker was assigned Oct 3, 2013
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I made some changes in the default theme to improve contrast. I'll leave this ticket open (I changed the title) because we still want to look into centering of the icons.

@robschmuecker - Do you want to create a PR for the icons?

After changing the SVG's we have to generate new PNG images.


@uGoMobi I'd be happy to make the changes and submit a PR. Do we have a preferred methodology for the conversion to PNG? Also what about sprites? Does that get handled by the build process?


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