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page size issue with toolbar #6712

pupvogel opened this Issue · 2 comments

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this issue has been bothering me a while and can be seen quite nicely when opening the current GoogleMaps-demo on

The content-div seems to report a wrong height to the GoogleMaps-API, so that the resulting map will NEVER fit into the visible area - the browser lets you scroll down to see the bottom of the map.
This was also true in earlier versions of jQM, so I always built in a calculation to set the height manually (subtracting the toolbar-height...) before connecting to GoogleMaps.

But isn't there a better way, can't jQM take care about this somehow ?


Thank you for reporting this this is actually a problem with the demo not the library or the toolbar re-tagging this demos


@arschmitz: I think this really is a problem concerning toolbars.
In this demo
I created a very basic page with an external toolbar (for another issue).
All browsers add a scrollbar to that page, even though there's nothing to scroll...quite similar to that GoogleMaps-example above.

'phun007' elaborated about this a year ago here:

Basically the page's 'min-height' is set too high, the toolbar-height (or page-padding for it) needs to be subtracted from that value.
But I can't do that on the first 'pageshow'-event, because at that time the external header isn't even there yet...

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