Textarea has double top border #6839

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Reproduced on iOS 7.0.4 (iPhone 4G):


I disabled shadow and radius in example to be more obvious.
It seems that

/* Body: Read-only lists, text inputs, collapsible content */
.ui-page-theme-a .ui-body-inherit,
html .ui-bar-a .ui-body-inherit,
html .ui-body-a .ui-body-inherit,
html body .ui-group-theme-a .ui-body-inherit,
html .ui-panel-page-container-a {
    background:             #fff /*{a-body-background-color}*/;
    border-color:           #ddd /*{a-body-border}*/;
    color:                  #333 /*{a-body-color}*/;
    text-shadow: 0 /*{a-body-shadow-x}*/ 1px /*{a-body-shadow-y}*/ 0 /*{a-body-shadow-radius}*/     #f3f3f3 /*{a-body-shadow-color}*/;

css rules implicitly set background-clip to initial that overrides

/* Radius clip workaround for cleaning up corner trapping */
.ui-corner-all {
    -webkit-background-clip: padding;
    background-clip: padding-box;

css rule where background-clip defined to padding-box


Fixed locally by:

/* Radius clip workaround for cleaning up corner trapping */
.ui-corner-all {
    -webkit-background-clip: padding !important; /* Increase priority to prevent overriding it by background style in theme swatches */
    background-clip: padding-box !important;

It seems hard to avoid important in this case...

jQuery Foundation member


Thanks. Maybe we can change background to background-color to prevent the override. Have to see if that won't cause issues. Otherwise your solution is probably the best.


Yes, indeed, background-color is better solution... Necessary to check

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