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1.4.2 - Problems with alignment of button in fixed footer #7222

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If you make a button on the content section, then it automatically expands to almost fill the whole width.

If you make a button in a fixed footer section, then the button only fills out a minimum space. I can set its width by setting the style for 'a' to 95% width. Now its not centered, so I wrapped it in a div with text-align = center. The button is now centered and on wide screens it looks good, but something happens with the alignment if the screen is made more narrow. I have an icon inside the button to the right and as the screen is made more and more narrow, more and more of the icon is placed outside. This is odd, as there is plenty of room in the footer for text and icon.

I'm using the following code:

I have also tried with width = 100% and padding = 0 10 0 10. Its the same.

The attached pictures show the behaviour. First picture is on wide screen, second picture is on narrow screen (with icon partially out of screen).

This occurs both on FF 27.0.1 and Chrome 33.0


You can add display: block instead:

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