column-toggle table does not remember previously-selected columns after refresh method is called #7275

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Issue description:

When selecting which columns to display via the "Columns..." button, it does not remember the selections after the refresh method on the table has been called. Instead, it reverts back to the default column visibility.

Test page:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Load the jsbin page
  2. Make some columns visible via the 'Columns...' button
  3. Click the 'Refresh table' button

Expected outcome:

The columns that are visible should remain visible after clicking the refresh button (as it used to in jQuery Mobile 1.3)

Actual outcome:

All columns are reverting back to their default visibility, instead of preserving the manual visibility selection.

Platforms/browsers: All browsers

jQuery core version: 1.11.0
jQuery Mobile version: 1.4.2

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