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Force scrollbar overflow y to eliminate jiggling on desktop browsers during page transitions.


@1Marc I think you will need to update this as the files have changed significantly since you originally submitted this.


@Wilto @toddparker

I'll need one of you to take a look at this.


@johnbender - I commented on the commit, asking scott for confirmation on the scoping.



Argh! You did indeed. I suppose we should wait on @scottjehl then since I don't think this is putting out any fires.


@1Marc @scottjehl @Wilto

Any thoughts on this one? I'm going to close it on my next pull request pass if this doesn't get approved.


Is there any concern with overflow breaking selects in Android? Think we ran into this earlier, but not sure of specifics. @scottjehl and @Wilto?

Related: scottjehl/Device-Bugs#3

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How about adding this rule in a media query min-width 1000px? Would leave IE7/8 out if you don't load a polyfill, but that's better than possible issues with Android.

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many conflicts no updates closing

@arschmitz arschmitz closed this Aug 6, 2013
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