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Fixes #3505 (v2) Calling focus on hidden elements breaks page on ie8 #3555

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So in reviewing your commit I noticed that we make two calls to $.mobile.focusPage for some reason. One in the doneOut callback in the transitions module and another in the navigation module in the promise resolution callback. Right near the second call I noticed a comment referencing issue here. It appears I already fixed this issue before the transitions module was created (fix) and all we really needed to do was remove the call in the doneOut callback.

I pushed the a commit that should fix this and it appears to work just fine after testing in ie8


I credited you with the commit since you did all the work, but if you could test and verify that does indeed work I think we can close the issue for good.


Hi @johnbender,
I've reviewed/tested your fix and confirm it works like a charm. Actually, you can see that this is equal to my pull request v1 except additional double-safety try/catch part. So I think you should accept your commit only; my changes in this pull request are not required after your change. Pls let me know if anything else is required from my side.
Just FYI: the idea if this PR (v2) was to save early call of focusPage, I thought there was a reason for doing this, especially when I found alreadyFocused parameter. Good to know it is not important.

@Wilto Wilto closed this
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Showing with 6 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +6 −4 js/
10 js/
@@ -22,6 +22,7 @@ function outInTransitionHandler( name, reverse, $to, $from ) {
viewportClass = "ui-mobile-viewport-transitioning viewport-" + name,
maxTransitionOverride = $.mobile.maxTransitionWidth !== false && $( window ).width() > $.mobile.maxTransitionWidth,
none = !$.support.cssTransitions || maxTransitionOverride || !name || name === "none",
+ alreadyFocused = false,
doneOut = function() {
if ( $from ) {
@@ -34,11 +35,12 @@ function outInTransitionHandler( name, reverse, $to, $from ) {
if( !none ){
$to.animationComplete( doneIn );
+ // Send focus to page as it is now display: block
+ // For browsers not supported transitions or if transition is not set we will set focus later (#3505)
+ $.mobile.focusPage( $to );
+ alreadyFocused = true;
- // Send focus to page as it is now display: block
- $.mobile.focusPage( $to );
// Jump to top or prev scroll, sometimes on iOS the page has not rendered yet.
$to.height( screenHeight + toScroll );
@@ -58,7 +60,7 @@ function outInTransitionHandler( name, reverse, $to, $from ) {
.height( "" )
.parent().removeClass( viewportClass );
- deferred.resolve( name, reverse, $to, $from, true );
+ deferred.resolve( name, reverse, $to, $from, alreadyFocused);
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