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Suggestion for #4065: Removing add() function to prevent whole-dom-search #4066

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Again Hi @gseguin!
This suggestion is also tested against local repo and the unit test was successful too.
Thanks in advance!


Landed #4063 so, closing this one.

@gseguin gseguin closed this

This one is not landed with #4063.
#4065 describes another issue about the collapsibleSet widget.
On collapse/expand, the widget crawls the whole dom and toggles the ui-corner-bottom class
at all ui-btn-inner assigned elements in the current document.
Cause of the use add() function at initialization.
Please take another look.

@gseguin gseguin reopened this
@gseguin gseguin merged commit 36fb469 into jquery:master
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  1. +2 −1  js/
3  js/
@@ -41,7 +41,8 @@ $.widget( "mobile.collapsibleset", $.mobile.widget, {
if ( contentTheme && collapsible.jqmData( "collapsible-last" ) ) {
collapsible.find( widget.options.heading ).first()
.find( "a" ).first()
- .add( ".ui-btn-inner" )
+ .toggleClass( "ui-corner-bottom", isCollapse )
+ .find( ".ui-btn-inner" )
.toggleClass( "ui-corner-bottom", isCollapse );
collapsible.find( ".ui-collapsible-content" ).toggleClass( "ui-corner-bottom", !isCollapse );
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