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Docs: Remove unsupported data-theme-attribute from navbar (attribute-reference) #4155

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Maurice Gottlieb Todd Parker
Maurice Gottlieb

As described at and tested with a fiddle at setting a data-theme to a navbar is not supported.

Todd Parker

For some reason, there is a conflict with this pull too.

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Apr 21, 2012
Maurice Gottlieb MauriceG Docs: Remove unsupported data-theme-attribute from navbar (attribute-…
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  1. +3 5 docs/api/data-attributes.html
8 docs/api/data-attributes.html
@@ -380,12 +380,10 @@
380 380 <th>data-iconpos</th>
381 381 <td>left | right | <strong>top</strong> | bottom | notext</td>
382 382 </tr>
383   - <tr>
384   - <th>data-theme</th>
385   - <td>swatch letter (a-z) - can also be set on individual LIs</td>
386   - </tr>
387 383 </table>
388   - <h2><a href="../pages/page-anatomy.html">Page</a></h2>
  384 + <p>Navbars inherit the theme-swatch from their parent container. Setting the <code>data-theme</code> attribute to a navbar is not supported. The <code>data-theme</code> attribute can be set individual to the links inside a navbar.</p>
  385 +
  386 +<h2><a href="../pages/page-anatomy.html">Page</a></h2>
389 387 <p>Container with <code>data-role="page"</code></p>
390 388 <table>
391 389 <tr>

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