Make possible app to control page loading message. #4156

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In certain scenarios "loading" message/spinner have to be shown after page loaded. E.g. when fetching additional data via ajax requests in page init.

This patch prevent unwanted hidePageLoadingMsg when option.showLoadMsg set to false.



This is a good idea for a feature and something we can easily support. I'm going to defer it in the interest of possibly exposing a method during an upcoming navigation refactor. You can view your feature request here:

@johnbender johnbender closed this May 7, 2012

The way I see this, it's not a request for a new feature, but rather fixing existing one. As jQuery Mobile user I expect that if I do $.mobile.changePage(to, {showLoadMsg:false}), framework will not call neither showPageLoadingMsg nor hidePageLoadingMsg. This patch just prevent unnecessary call to hidePageLoadingMsg. This should not affect existing user code.

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