Navbar's right most element's border is not visible #4191

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kadaj commented Apr 24, 2012

In JQM navbar the right margin for the right most nav bar element is not visible. Fixes JQM Issue #4190.


toddparker commented Apr 24, 2012

Have you tested this fix in IE 7-9? Think that the borders may cause the navbar to wrap.

kadaj commented Apr 24, 2012

Oh! Not tested in IE. Only in Chrome.


jaspermdegroot commented Apr 24, 2012


When you're gonna test you won't see a border in IE7 and IE8.... they don't support :last-child selector.
The navbar will be wrapped in IE7 at certain window widths but that's another issue (#2270).

BTW - This PR #4038 fixes the line above the one that kadaj added where the :last-child selector is on .ui-btn instead of li

kadaj commented Apr 24, 2012

Right. It does not work in IE 6, 7 and 8. Works in IE 9, Chrome, Opera and Firefox. Damn IE.

kadaj closed this Apr 24, 2012

kadaj reopened this Apr 24, 2012

kadaj commented Apr 24, 2012

Right. The navbar wraps. But that is not caused by this change like mentioned. So this fix does not cause any issues in IE 7 or 8. For IE 7 and 8 they will see like it is now. For rest of the browsers, it will work.


MauriceG commented Apr 24, 2012

Another issue caused by this change is, that if a navbar wraps to multiline, only the very last button gets a border.
Also, if the last button (single or multiline navbar) gets a data-theme, the right border is missing again.

kadaj closed this Apr 25, 2012

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