Be able to use 'reverse' direction, even if you disable back-button handlers (for example when using jqm with backbone.js) #4902

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mariozaizar commented Aug 28, 2012


  • jQuery Mobile + backbone.js App.
  • jQuery Mobile bindings/history/routing were disabled to use Backbone's.
  • Back buttons are being used manually (that means using window.history.back directly)


  • 1.1.1 won't apply the reverse direction even if you set the link with data-direction="reverse" to the links.


For example having:
(based on )

  # Disable jQuery Mobile routing and history to use Backbone.
  $.mobile.ajaxEnabled = false
  $.mobile.linkBindingEnabled = false
  $.mobile.hashListeningEnabled = false
  $.mobile.pushStateEnabled = false

  # Enable back buttons by default
  $ = true

This will add the back button, but since all the handlers are disabled, you need to redirect to the last page manually:

($('a[data-rel="back"]')).live('click', function() {

That will work. But sadly you won't see the default reverse direction for any back button. But it will be fixed by setting the $.mobile.forceReverse = true. So letting the application to use forward direction by default, and reverse for all the back buttons.

($('a[data-rel="back"]')).live('click', function() {
  $.mobile.forceReverse = true;

That change won't affect any other place than the Back buttons. And the variable is false by default.
I've included the Documentation changes too.

@mariozaizar mariozaizar Include `$.mobile.forceReverse` to be able to set the 'reverse' direc…
…tion, even when the link binding was disabled. Useful when you're using backbone & jquery mobile, so:

$.mobile.forceReverse = true;

($('a[data-rel="back"]')).live('click', function() {
  $.mobile.forceReverse = true;

arschmitz commented Aug 6, 2013

this is very old and there are conflicts will be happy to reopen and review if it is updated

arschmitz closed this Aug 6, 2013

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