Docs: added examples of dynamic dialogs/popups #5105

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hi @robschmuecker !

Thanks a lot for working on this!

I suggest to move the popup example to its own page like the other "advanced popup examples". Right now your example won't work if you navigate from another page to the popup page because of our Ajax nav. We set ```data-ajax="false" on the links to the example pages to make sure the script is loaded.

We probably have to do something similar for the dialog example.

You append the popup to div[data-role="page"] but I think this should be the active page.

I didn't try your popup example yet but I was wondering if the header in the dynamically created popup gets enhanced properly.



Hi Rob,

Haven't seen you for a while. Hope you are doing ok!
We are currently working on demos for the new docs I told you about, so I am going to close this PR.
I want to add a more advanced dynamic popup popup demo there that shows how you can resolve an issue like this #5101.
Nevertheless, thanks for your work on this.


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