Listview grid - created demo illustrating how it could work #5183

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Created a demo page illustrating how a listview grid widget could work.

Still To Do: add display: inline-block version to compliment the floated

  • version.

  • Scott Jehl and others added some commits Oct 15, 2012
    Scott Jehl First pass prototype at a grid view option for listviews. 01281fb
    @toddparker toddparker Tightened up spacing, removed the icon, added more across (up to 5)
    TODO: Make split buttons work somehow, create a variant with large
    photos that stretch for an album example,  fix highlight on darker
    Keith Pepin Created a demo page that illustrates how a listview-grid could work.
    To Do: Add secon version based on display-inline: block instead of float: left;
    Files Impacted:
    @KeithPepin KeithPepin pushed a commit that referenced this pull request Oct 16, 2012
    Keith Pepin Fix for issue: #5183 - "Title attribute of a split button pulls in ex…
    …tra spaces"
    Cause:  entire text node is copied for the title attribute, including any leading or trailing spaces.
    Solution:  Apply $.trim() to the text node value before assigning to the title attribute.
    Files Impacted:
    @KeithPepin KeithPepin referenced this pull request Oct 16, 2012

    Fix for issue: #5182 #5184


    Hey Keith! A couple of things.

    First, it looks like you've got 2 different commits in this pull - the first deals with listview grid while the second is a fix for the title issue. Unfortunately, we'll need these separated to pull them in (thought I had pulled that in yesterday, oddly) .
    Anyway, the main issue with this PR is that it points to our Master branch, rather than our listview-grid branch. We can pull it into that branch manually, but it's better if we close this out and resend the PR from to that branch in particular.

    Would you mind closing this out and doing that? Thanks!!


    Thanks, Keith! Closed out.

    @scottjehl scottjehl closed this Oct 18, 2012
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