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Zoom plugin was scanning for initially disabled zoom with an improper regex that didn't catch every case. This patches the regex string, which will now catch more cases where zoom should be set to to initiallydisabled.

See later comments of issue #4024 where white screen flashes during transitions; this is what fixed it for me.


Good patch.
Perhaps you should consider adding support for user-scalable=0 also.


@nickwb you're right, according to, acceptable values are yes, ≤-1, ≥1 or no, and between 1 and -1

@doom777 doom777 Update js/
fixed up more regex to be more to spec; see
which says user-scalable can be yes, no, or a number, where anything between 1 and -1 is interpreted as no. Also switched to non-capturing groups
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Thank you.

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