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"Tables": added refresh method. Fixes #5570 - Dynamically Adding Rows to Reflow Table Results in Unformatted New Rows #5791

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@uGoMobi, @Toddparker

table refresh method and unit tests.

Examples here: table column-toggle and table reflow-mode.

I hope I did not mix anything up manually copy&pasting between PCs (can't commit from my test environment...)

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Thanks a lot for the PR!
We have to see why PhantomJS times out on the test when we review this.
Can you sign the CLA please?



I had problems on the last two async tests = "column-toggle-refresh" and "is popup-visible-when-clicked". Once I switched order (first column-toggle, then popup-visible) the tests passed on Firefox and Chrome. Checking CLA now

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gseguin commented Mar 28, 2013

@frequent I tried to merge locally to test but there are too many merge conflicts. Could you merge it and push the merge commit on that branch?


@gseguin: ok. will try tonight

frequent added some commits Mar 29, 2013
@frequent frequent Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into table-refresh
@frequent frequent updated table-refresh to new version db21f7f

Sample page column-toggle here, reflow here. Unit tests passing on my local machine.


Has this problem been resolved yet?? The sample pages worked fine for me, but when it will be available to everybody else?

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@arschmitz @frequent - Can we still use this for the new refresh method for 1.4 or should we close this PR?

frequent commented Apr 4, 2013

@uGoMobi - I can make a new PR, kept all files of the 1.4. version. So up to you.

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Closing this PR because we have to make the table widget modes proper widget extensions first. Let's work on a new PR after that. Thanks!

Ticket: #5856


@uGoMobi : ok. Let's talk on IRC on how this should look

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