Swipe: Fix coords for different platforms to respect vertical threshold #7000

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arschmitz commented Jan 24, 2014

Currently the values we use for swipe start and stop coords are incorrect this fixes them on multiple platforms


gabrielschulhof commented Jan 25, 2014

👍 by me

"Inline comments are allowed as an exception when used to annotate special arguments in formal parameter lists"
We should also change the horizontalDistanceThreshold inline comment.

swipeTimedTest({ timeout: 10, coordChange: 35, expected: true });
- });
+ });*/

jaspermdegroot Jan 25, 2014


Should add a comment here why the test is commented out and not just removed.
Line break after /* and before */.


jaspermdegroot commented Jan 25, 2014


Shouldn't changes in the library and changes in tests be in separate commits?

cc: @scottgonzalez

atuttle commented Jan 27, 2014

Any chance this fix could be backported into the 1.3.x branch as well?


arschmitz commented Jan 27, 2014

@ugomobi no the tests are for the change they should be the same commit


gabrielschulhof commented Jan 27, 2014

@atuttle I'm afraid we've already decided not to make any more 1.3.x releases.


scottgonzalez commented Jan 27, 2014

@ugomobi Why would they be in separate commits? If you commit the code first, you have no proof that it works. If you commit the test first, you're going to break the build.


jaspermdegroot commented Jan 28, 2014

@arschmitz @scottgonzalez

Ok. I wasn't sure about code and tests in different commits because in the past we used to always split those, but I didn't remember the reason why (probably because there was no good reason). After reading Scott's comment it makes completely sense to me to combine them. Thanks.

@arschmitz arschmitz closed this in 9190344 Feb 12, 2014

@arschmitz arschmitz deleted the swipe-cords branch Jul 1, 2014

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