How to use Bootstrap dependency manager

Bootstrap is a helper library that will be used to manage dependencies for a test file easily.


  • Used RequireJS to load all the dependencies
  • Provides attribute support for various use cases
  • Includes all major deps and qunit helpers by default
  • RequireJS config is also loaded by Bootstrap

qunit-assert-classes and qunit-assert-domequal are required by default in bootstrap

jquery version can be specified in jquery param in url appended by ?jquery=VERSION_NO

Following attributes are supported by bootstrap and should be mentioned in script tag loading bootstrap:

data-init = Specifies if init is required as in testHelper. If no-backcompat then bootstrap will include no-backcompat otherwise is will include set-ns and widgets/widget.backcompat

data-no-backcompat = Attribute for specifying if backcompat is not needed. Init attribute is require for this to active

data-full = This is analogous to requiring index.php file in js folder.

data-no-autoinit = Specifies if bootstrap has to call QUnit.start(). If not specified you have to call QUnit.start() somewhere in your tests

data-deps = All the dependencies are to mentioned here seprated by spaces relative to js dir. widgets and events deps don't need to be appended with widgets/ and events/

data-modules = All the test module files are to be mentioned here separated by spaces

data-init-after-modules = If you want to include init file after modules are loaded

data-base-url = If you want to change the base url of requirejs config. Default url = ../../../js

Example HEAD tag of HTML file using bootstrap

    <meta charset="UTF-8" />
    <title>jQuery Mobile Navigate Events Test Suite</title>

    <script src="../../../../external/requirejs/require.js"></script>

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="../../../../external/qunit/qunit.css"/>
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="../../../jqm-tests.css"/>

    <script src="../../../lib/bootstrap.js"
            data-deps="./early_popstate_handler.js navigate"
  • data-base-url: specifies base url for requirejs config since we are in folder integration/navigation/event
  • data-deps: All deps which are not in the js folder need to be appened with .js so that requirejs resolves it locally.
  • data-modules: Specifies locally resolved main test file