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New properties and methods

cronco edited this page · 2 revisions
  • object to store various configurable properties
  • the key used in hash urls for sub-pages. Defaults to "ui-page" (ie: #url&ui-page=subsection...)
  • jQuery.pageLoading: pageLoading function from mobile core, which shows or hides the page loading message. Method accepts a boolean argument, true will hide the message (whenever something is done loading).
  • page function from mobile core. This function makes markup-driven enhancements using jQuery mobile plugins. The single required argument is a reference to a jQuery object.
  • jQuery.changePage: changepage function from mobile core. This function accepts 4 arguments: to,transition,back,changeHash.
  • jQuery.hideBrowserChrome: hideBrowserChrome function from mobile core. This function just does a window.scrollTo(0,0) to hide the address bar and prevents triggering of scroll events while doing so.
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