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Project Infrastructure

  • New jQuery Mobile project site

  • New API docs as part of the jQuery Mobile site

  • Re-vamp of IA, design and content of current demos and docs to be more of a kitchen sink demo and real-world gallery

1.4.0 - Library re-factoring for performance, theming. New Tabs widget (Q2 2013)

Detailed 1.4 planning note here: 1.4 wiki page

New: Tab widget (based on UI)

Plan to pulling in the UI tab widget and modifying it to use the new theme framework and be shared across both libraries. This will serve as a POC for how to move forward on all widget integration.

Features and enhancements

Re-factoring and jQuery UI convergence initial work

  • Re-factor all widgets for consistency, better performance
  • Re-work all CSS to reduce markup decoration, work w/o JS, simplifying theming system
  • Switch to vector icons
  • Resolve conflicts with UI to allow UI widgets to be mixed in. CSS conflicts are the most pressing.

Markup and style - simplification, speed and extensibility

  • Markup and CSS re-factor to simplify to eliminate/reduce the need for JS to decorate the markup. May require dropping the grade on older platforms.

  • Class configuration per widget: be able to choose what classes are applied based on structural styles. Need to deal with things like corners where they are applied based on complex rules.

Icon system re-think

  • Use external sets, font icons, remove the discs behind icons, etc. - see Filament Group’s Unicon for SVG based graphics with PNG fallback





Performance suite

  • Benchmark various aspects of performance so we can instrument across devices


  • Add option "dialog" to page widget to apply dialog styling

1.5 - Carousel (Q3 2013)

New Plugin: Touch Carousel

Features and enhancements




Stretch: Scrolling region utility

Develop a reliable way to opt browser that support overflow:auto|scroll into scrolling regions, otherwise fall back to scrolling the whole page. Potentially add a hook for a polyfill like iScroll. See Filament Group’s Overthrow:


1.6 - Multi-pane loading & history (Q4 2013)

New Plugin: Fetchlink utility

Make it easy to build complex multi-pane layouts and other interactions with simple links. The general gist is that by adding a target to a link, we no longer do a full page transition and instead AJAX load, enhance and replace the contents of the target with the href's source when the link is clicked.

Features and enhancements

AJAX Nav - Multi-panel tracking

  • Develop a way to manage multiple panes of content updating independently (using fatchlink) and handle deep linking and history support in a reasonable way for things like tablet-optimized multi-pane layouts.


Markup and style

  • Pre-render enhanced markup, ability to just add events - Trigger('eventcreate') to set event bindings to a widget without enhancing the markup - useful if markup is generated pre-enhanced with client-side templating


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