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Readme: Added notes about running unit tests and creating builds.

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+Running the Unit Tests
+Run the unit tests with a local server that supports PHP. No database is required. Pre-configured php local servers are available for Windows and Mac. Here are some options:
+- Windows: [WAMP download](
+- Mac: [MAMP download](
+- Linux: [Setting up LAMP](
+- [Mongoose (most platforms)](
+Building jQuery UI
+jQuery UI uses the [grunt]( build system. Building jQuery UI requires node.js and a command line zip program.
+Clone the jQuery UI git repo.
+`git clone git://`
+`cd jquery-ui`
+Install node modules.
+`npm install`
+Run grunt.
+`grunt build`
For committers
When looking at pull requests, first check for [proper commit messages](
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