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sortable: all events of the inner nodes of the sortable item were unb…

…ound after the sort (this is related to remove() in jQuery, bugfix is not to use remove()), fixes #3488
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Paul Bakaus
Paul Bakaus committed Nov 3, 2008
1 parent 9be9c9f commit 0e16fcf1e865a6ea553265e202ed54b6935c54f4
Showing with 4 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +4 −2 ui/ui.sortable.js
@@ -790,8 +790,10 @@ $.widget("ui.sortable", $.extend({}, $.ui.mouse, {

this._propagate("beforeStop", e, null, noPropagation);


//$(this.placeholder[0]).remove(); would have been the jQuery way - unfortunately, it unbinds ALL events from the original node!

if(this.options.helper != "original") this.helper.remove(); this.helper = null;
this._propagate("stop", e, null, noPropagation);

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