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wgriffiths committed Mar 20, 2017
2 parents 032ddc3 + 1a85afa commit 1600ad7
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/* Welsh/UK initialisation for the jQuery UI date picker plugin. */
/* Written by William Griffiths. */
$.datepicker.regional['cy-GB'] = {
closeText: 'Done',
prevText: 'Prev',
nextText: 'Next',
currentText: 'Today',
monthNames: ['Ionawr','Chwefror','Mawrth','Ebrill','Mai','Mehefin',
monthNamesShort: ['Ion', 'Chw', 'Maw', 'Ebr', 'Mai', 'Meh',
'Gor', 'Aws', 'Med', 'Hyd', 'Tac', 'Rha'],
dayNames: ['Dydd Sul', 'Dydd Llun', 'Dydd Mawrth', 'Dydd Mercher', 'Dydd Iau', 'Dydd Gwener', 'Dydd Sadwrn'],
dayNamesShort: ['Sul', 'Llu', 'Maw', 'Mer', 'Iau', 'Gwe', 'Sad'],
dayNamesMin: ['Su','Ll','Ma','Me','Ia','Gw','Sa'],
weekHeader: 'Wy',
dateFormat: 'dd/mm/yy',
firstDay: 1,
isRTL: false,
showMonthAfterYear: false,
yearSuffix: ''};

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