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tests resizable: Updated defaults test

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rdworth committed Nov 1, 2008
1 parent d5402ae commit 19c534188a9e5784571248ac0054daba8ea71ed2
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@@ -21,19 +21,31 @@ var drag = function(el, dx, dy, complete) {

var defaults = {
alsoResize: undefined,
animate: false,
animateDuration: 'slow',
animateEasing: 'swing',
alsoResize: false,
aspectRatio: false,
autoHide: false,
containment: undefined,
grid: undefined,
handles: 'e,s,se',
helper: null,
cancel: ':input',
containment: false,
delay: 0,
disabled: false,
maxHeight: undefined,
maxWidth: undefined,
disableSelection: true,
distance: 1,
ghost: false,
grid: false,
handles: '???',
helper: null,
knobHandles: false,
maxHeight: null,
maxWidth: null,
minHeight: 10,
minWidth: 10,
proportionallyResize: undefined
preserveCursor: true,
preventDefault: true,
proportionallyResize: false,
transparent: false

// Resizable Tests

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