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Core: Change comments for the new methods

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eduardolundgren committed Nov 10, 2008
1 parent 2ab2f3c commit 3206b611b128075b73e29086586a4ff372817089
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@@ -107,17 +107,17 @@ $.ui = {

isOverHeight: function(y, bTop, bHeight) {
//Determines when "y" coordinate intersects with b element height
//Determines when y coordinate is over "b" element height
return (y > bTop) && (y < (bTop + bHeight));

isOverWidth: function(x, bLeft, bWidth) {
//Determines when "x" coordinate intersects with b element width
//Determines when x coordinate is over "b" element width
return (x > bLeft) && (x < (bLeft + bWidth));

isOver: function(y, x, bTop, bLeft, bHeight, bWidth) {
//Determines when element "a" coordinates intersects with element "b"
//Determines when x, y coordinates is over "b" element
return $.ui.isOverHeight(y, bTop, bHeight) && $.ui.isOverWidth(x, bLeft, bWidth);

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