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Build: MANIFEST file for Google CDN

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jzaefferer committed Mar 30, 2010
1 parent b221092 commit 415ee934fa98eeb6773504af8207374dc64f4d5e
Showing with 15 additions and 20 deletions.
  1. +15 −20 build/build.xml
@@ -258,33 +258,28 @@
<echo message="All trailing spaces removed." />

<target name="checksums">
<target name="googlecdn">
<delete dir="google" />
<mkdir dir="google" />
<copy file="dist/jquery-ui-1.9pre/version.txt" todir="google" />
<copy file="dist/jquery-ui-1.9pre/AUTHORS.txt" todir="google" />
<copy file="dist/jquery-ui-1.9pre/GPL-LICENSE.txt" todir="google" />
<fileset dir="google" />
<concat destfile="google/MANIFEST">
<fileset dir="google" includes="**/*.MD5" />
<for param="file">
<path><fileset dir="google" includes="**/" excludes="**/*.MD5" /></path>
<checksum file="@{file}" />
<copy todir="google">
<fileset dir=".." includes="AUTHORS.txt, GPL-LICENSE.txt, MIT-LICENSE.txt, version.txt" />
<copy todir="google/i18n">
<fileset dir="${dist.dir}ui/i18n" />
<fileset dir="${dist.dir}ui/minified/i18n" />
<copy todir="google/themes">
<fileset dir="../themes" />
<for param="file">
<path><fileset dir="google" includes="**/" excludes="**/*.MD5" /></path>
<echo message="@{file}" />
<concat><file file="@{file}.MD5" /></concat>
<propertyregex override="yes" property="relativepath" input="@{file}" regexp=".+?google[\\/](.+)$" replace="\1"/>
<propertyregex override="yes" property="relativepath" input="${relativepath}" regexp="\\" replace="/" global="true" />
<checksum property="sum" file="@{file}" />
<concat destfile="google/MANIFEST" append="yes" fixlastline="yes">${relativepath} ${sum}</concat>


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