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Added description of keyboard equivalents

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Keith Wood
Keith Wood committed Jan 9, 2009
1 parent c81e63f commit 684353e0367c5fa56cc8fe989781e02713552e61
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<div class="demo-description">

<p>This is a default datepicker which is tied to a standard form input. The calendar opens in a small overlay onFocus and closes automatically onBlur if a date if selected.</p>
<p>You can also use the keyboard to drive the datepicker:</p>
<li>page up/down - previous/next month</li>
<li>ctrl+page up/down - previous/next year</li>
<li>ctrl+home - current month or open when closed</li>
<li>ctrl+left/right - previous/next day</li>
<li>ctrl+up/down - previous/next week</li>
<li>enter - accept the selected date</li>
<li>ctrl+end - close and erase the date</li>
<li>escape - close the datepicker without selection</li>

</div><!-- End demo-description -->

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