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sortable: fixed regression that caused wrong offset calculation if th…

…e helper option has been set to "original"
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Paul Bakaus
Paul Bakaus committed Dec 2, 2008
1 parent 152531d commit 6c93b4e2f0053967dee543e7f9c89623d4864ff3
Showing with 7 additions and 6 deletions.
  1. +7 −6 ui/ui.sortable.js
@@ -99,9 +99,8 @@ $.widget("ui.sortable", $.extend({}, $.ui.mouse, {

//Cache the margins of the original element

//Store the helper's css position
this.cssPosition = this.helper.css("position");

//Get the next scrolling parent
this.scrollParent = this.helper.scrollParent();

//The element's absolute position on the page minus margins
@@ -110,6 +109,11 @@ $.widget("ui.sortable", $.extend({}, $.ui.mouse, {
top: -,
left: this.offset.left - this.margins.left

// Only after we got the offset, we can change the helper's position to absolute
// TODO: Still need to figure out a way to make relative sorting possible
this.helper.css("position", "absolute");
this.cssPosition = this.helper.css("position");

$.extend(this.offset, {
click: { //Where the click happened, relative to the element
@@ -636,9 +640,6 @@ $.widget("ui.sortable", $.extend({}, $.ui.mouse, {
if(helper[0].style.width == '' || o.forceHelperSize) helper.width(this.currentItem.width());
if(helper[0].style.height == '' || o.forceHelperSize) helper.height(this.currentItem.height());

//TODO: Still need to figure out a way to make relative sorting possible
helper.css("position", "absolute");

return helper;


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