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Core: Access offsetHeight on div for support tests to avoid a layout …

…bug in IE 9. Fixes #8026 - minHeight support test affects page layout in IE 9.

(cherry picked from commit 956c2cd)
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1 parent e2a2112 commit 9e4455f52d721f2efd4c91037bcd3daf24635599 @scottgonzalez scottgonzalez committed
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  1. +5 −0 ui/jquery.ui.core.js
5 ui/jquery.ui.core.js
@@ -225,6 +225,11 @@ $(function() {
var body = document.body,
div = body.appendChild( div = document.createElement( "div" ) );
+ // access offsetHeight before setting the style to prevent a layout bug
+ // in IE 9 which causes the elemnt to continue to take up space even


@scottgonzalez Owner

Thanks, fixed in 70de33a.

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+ // after it is removed from the DOM (#8026)
+ div.offsetHeight;
$.extend(, {
minHeight: "100px",
height: "auto",

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