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@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ To discuss development with team members and the community, visit the [Developin
If you want to help and provide a patch for a bugfix or new feature, please take
a few minutes and look at [our Getting Involved guide](
In particular check out the [Coding standards](
and [Commit Message Style Guide](
and [Commit Message Style Guide](

In general, fork the project, create a branch for a specific change and send a
pull request for that branch. Don't mix unrelated changes. You can use the commit
@@ -57,40 +57,3 @@ grunt concat
# For a list of all tasks:
grunt --help

## For committers

When looking at pull requests, first check for [proper commit messages](

Do not merge pull requests directly through GitHub's interface.
Most pull requests are a single commit; cherry-picking will avoid creating a merge commit.
It's also common for contributors to make minor fixes in an additional one or two commits.
These should be squashed before landing in master.

**Make sure the author has a valid name and email address associated with the commit.**

Fetch the remote first:

git fetch [their-fork.git] [their-branch]

Then cherry-pick the commit(s):

git cherry-pick [sha-of-commit]

If you need to edit the commit message:

git cherry-pick -e [sha-of-commit]

If you need to edit the changes:

git cherry-pick -n [sha-of-commit]
# make changes
git commit --author="[author-name-and-email]"

If it should go to the stable branch, cherry-pick it to stable:

git checkout 1-10-stable
git cherry-pick -x [sha-of-commit-from-master]

*NOTE: Do not cherry-pick into 1-10-stable until you have pushed the commit from master upstream.*

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