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Tabs: Updated tests for destroy method.

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scottgonzalez committed May 9, 2011
1 parent 0f7075e commit bd6672d2571f69d5e2ed819e13514580648aaa13
Showing with 4 additions and 13 deletions.
  1. +4 −13 tests/unit/tabs/tabs_methods.js
@@ -2,19 +2,10 @@

module( "tabs: methods" );

test('destroy', function() {

el = $('#tabs1').tabs({ collapsible: true });
$('li:eq(2)', el).simulate('mouseover').find('a').focus();

ok(':not(.ui-tabs, .ui-widget, .ui-widget-content, .ui-corner-all, .ui-tabs-collapsible)'), 'remove classes from container');
ok( $('ul', el).is(':not(.ui-tabs-nav, .ui-helper-reset, .ui-helper-clearfix, .ui-widget-header, .ui-corner-all)'), 'remove classes from list' );
ok( $('div:eq(1)', el).is(':not(.ui-tabs-panel, .ui-widget-content, .ui-corner-bottom)'), 'remove classes to panel' );
ok( $('li:eq(0)', el).is(':not(.ui-tabs-active, .ui-state-active, .ui-corner-top)'), 'remove classes from active li');
ok( $('li:eq(1)', el).is(':not(.ui-state-default, .ui-corner-top)'), 'remove classes from inactive li');
ok( $('li:eq(2)', el).is(':not(.ui-state-hover, .ui-state-focus)'), 'remove classes from mouseovered or focused li');
test( "destroy", function() {
domEqual( "#tabs1", function() {
$( "#tabs1" ).tabs().tabs( "destroy" );

test( "enable", function() {

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