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ui core: enableSelection, disableSelection: Removed selectstart event…

… filters from enableDisable and disableSelection as these are general utility convenience methods intended to prevent native browser text selection not jQuery UI Selectable selection. Fixes #5477 - core: enableSelection and disableSelection should only prevent native browser text selection
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rdworth committed Apr 2, 2010
1 parent 9ba45f3 commit d38e20a0d3b42ad9825fe5a4bf1e1ccf842fdc04
Showing with 2 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +2 −4 ui/jquery.ui.core.js
@@ -118,15 +118,13 @@ $.fn.extend({
enableSelection: function() {
return this
.attr('unselectable', 'off')
.css('MozUserSelect', '')
.css('MozUserSelect', '');

disableSelection: function() {
return this
.attr('unselectable', 'on')
.css('MozUserSelect', 'none')
.bind('selectstart.ui', function() { return false; });
.css('MozUserSelect', 'none');

scrollParent: function() {

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