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Grunt: Add copy:dist_units_images target to get rid of 404s when runn…

…ing unit tests against minified files
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jzaefferer committed May 2, 2012
1 parent 3577955 commit efe53f586fa5f74503a163008459083942c54a03
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  1. +6 −1 grunt.js
@@ -188,6 +188,11 @@ grunt.initConfig({
strip: /^dist/,
dest: "dist/<%= files.dist %>"
dist_units_images: {
src: "themes/base/images/*",
strip: /^themes\/base\//,
dest: "dist/"
dist_min_images: {
src: "themes/base/images/*",
strip: /^themes\/base\//,
@@ -570,7 +575,7 @@ grunt.registerTask( "clean", function() {
grunt.registerTask( "default", "lint csslint htmllint qunit" );
grunt.registerTask( "sizer", "concat:ui min:dist/jquery-ui.min.js compare_size:all" );
grunt.registerTask( "sizer_all", "concat:ui min compare_size" );
grunt.registerTask( "build", "concat min cssmin" );
grunt.registerTask( "build", "concat min cssmin copy:dist_units_images" );
grunt.registerTask( "release", "clean build copy:dist copy:dist_min copy:dist_min_images copy:dist_css_min md5:dist zip:dist" );
grunt.registerTask( "release_themes", "release download_themes copy_themes copy:themes md5:themes zip:themes" );
grunt.registerTask( "release_cdn", "release_themes copy:cdn copy:cdn_min copy:cdn_i18n copy:cdn_i18n_min copy:cdn_min_images copy:cdn_themes md5:cdn zip:cdn" );

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