When an axis is limited, it would be nice if only that axis was considered when deciding whether items intersect #113

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jgeewax commented Feb 9, 2011


I gave this a shot locally, seems to work just fine. Didn't run any sort of test suite though.

This might not be the intended behavior and I may not have followed the exact standards, if so, just let me know what needs to change. If this requires a configuration option to be added, let me know what you guys want to call it, more than happy to revise this patch.

Thanks for all the great work.


Thanks for the patch. I think this generally makes sense, but I'm a bit nervous about changing an existing tolerance mode. Can you leave a comment about this on http://wiki.jqueryui.com/w/page/12138075/Sortable so that we make sure this gets addressed when we rewrite sortable for the 2.0 release?

jgeewax commented May 4, 2011

Cool -- I completely understand. I added a comment asking that we consider modifying the tolerance mode so that if the list is sortable in only one axis, the other axis' position is disregarded.

Appreciate you taking the time to review -- let me know if there's anything I can do to help with the rewrite.


Thanks, we'll be posting the API redesign notes on the forum and blog when we get closer to working on the rewrite. Just let us know if you're interested in helping out once we've got those posted.


It looks like the x and y statements should be flipped.

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