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lukaszb commented Apr 7, 2014

This is a proposal of selectedItems/unselectedItems events.

Motivation: when user stops selecting items I need to check what items exactly was selected. I can store state on start, then check what has changed on stop. Or I could try to listen to selected/unselected events for each items separately. Both workarounds require me to compare states at some point. With proposed events that passes arrays of selected/unselected items (all at once) I wouldn't have to store state at all.

Let me know if that makes sense to you. If yes, let me know what else you'd require from me to merge those changes. Should I also extend documentation, add tests? I believe I can manage to update documentation, I would be glad for help with tests, though (I've seen unit tests for selectable events, however there are only a couple of them and am not sure if I would be able to write new ones by myself).

Also, at contributing document ( there are guidelines that contain a link to non-existing "commits and pull requests documentation" (


scottgonzalez commented Apr 11, 2014

Thanks, but we're not accepting any API changes as we're in the middle of rewriting all interactions. Feel free to add a comment about this on

lukaszb commented Apr 11, 2014

Got it, thanks for the info

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