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scottgonzalez and others added some commits Dec 16, 2010

Effects: set right/bottom to 'auto' so effects work with dir=rtl. Fix…
…ed #6736 - Bug in slide effect when dir=rtl and has position.right.
Autocomplete (Combobox demo): Set the button type to button to preven…
…t form submission. Fixes #6755 - Autocomplete: The combobox "show all" button submits forms.
Autocomplete: Abort pending ajax requests when disabled and prevent h…
…andling results when disabled. Fixes #6752 - Menu may still render when autocomplete is disabled.
Autocomplete: Track pending requests and only remove the loading clas…
…s when the last request completes. Fixes #6761 - Autocomplete: Loading class removed when multiple Ajax requests occur.
Accordion: Start the accordion animation before changing classes. Fix…
…es #6720 - Accordion: ol numbering bug.

Thanks Tony Ross.
Dialog: Fixed positioning of title bar text. Fixes #6832 - Dialog: Ty…
…pesetting on title bar is inconsistent with other widget title bars/headers.
Position: Fixed calculation of collision dimensions. Fixes #6812 - Po…
…sition: Collision detection fails on the right side in Internet Explorer.
Accordion: Fixed weird behavior on accordion animations in IE. Fixed …
…#5421 - Accordion header margins disappear in IE 8
Accordion - Make sure we have an element before trying to modify the …
…className. Fixes #6856 - Accordion: Opening a panel after all panels have been collapsed causes an error.
Tabs: Pass an element instead of jQuery object on initial show. Fixes…
… #6867 - Inconsistent ui.panel contents for show event of tabs widget.
Datepicker i18n: Added Australian and New Zealand localizations. Fixe…
…s #6828 - Datepicker: Add en-AU or en-NZ initialisations.

Thanks Campbell
Datepicker: Update parseDate to properly handle a string value in sho…
…rtYearCutoff. Fixed #6872: parseDate does not default shortYearCutoff correctly.
Draggable: Incase helper is not set to 'original' succeed with revert…
… action even if the original element has been removed. Fixes #6871
Datepicker i18n: Added Algerian Arabic. Fixes #6877 - Datepicker: Add…
… Algerian Arabic support.

(cherry picked from commit fcf8c26)
Sortable: pass a fake event object to _mouseUp on cancel. Fixes #5882…
… - UI.Sortable .sortable( cancel ) call the this._mouseUp method without param.

(cherry picked from commit cf0c32f)
Sortable: Make sure we have a placeholder before trying to remove it …
…during a cancel. Fixes #6879 - Sortable: Calling cancel when there is no sort occurring throws an error.

(cherry picked from commit f165c93)
Autocomplete: Fixed handling of race conditions when using jQuery 1.3…
….2. Fixes #6904 - Autocomplete: Race condition handling means.

(cherry picked from commit a1ab967)
Datepicker - Fixed incorrect semi-colon that should have been a comma…
…. Fixes #6916 - Datepicker date range demo: syntax glitch.

(cherry picked from commit fe6990e)
Resizable: Changed the way box size is determined when using a helper…
…. Fixed #6926 - Window doesn't change to size that helper shows when snapping to grid

(cherry picked from commit 002f9a2)
Datepicker: only set the focus explicitly if it is not already on the…
… target field. Fixed #6694 – datepicker does not fire change event in IE8

jQuery stores the current content of a field whenever it gets the focus. Since the fixed function is also called for KeyUp events the change event is not triggered anymore when the input looses focus.
(cherry picked from commit 39cf7d5)
Button: Batched class changes to improve performance. Fixes #6934. Bu…
…tton: Batch class changes to improve performance.

(cherry picked from commit 5b104db)
Datepicker: Properly handle datepickers attached to inputs that are h…
…idden using CSS. Fixes #6988 - Datepicker: Treat all hidden text fields the same.

(cherry picked from commit 6fbee255d8d895c7e84a4b2eaad2cfadc8a3425a)
Datepicker: improved translation of Norwegian names for days and mont…
…hs. Fixed #6986 - Improved translation of day and month names(cherry picked from commit d505c7c)
Datepicker: prevent datepicker initialization on empty jquery collect…
…ion and add unit test. Fixed #6976 - datepicker creates extra dom element with empty object

(cherry picked from commit 5c3dc7d)
Datepicker: Account for daylight saving when calculating number of da…
…ys in a month. Fixes #6978 - In Calender for march 2011 dates showing till 5th only.

Thanks jomyjohn
(cherry picked from commit c44818f)
Datepicker: Display Year before Month in Hungarian i18n. Fixes #7019 …
…- Hungarian Localisation has month-date in wrong order

(cherry picked from commit b4bcc1b)
Datepicker: Added Tajikistan localization. Fixes #7034 - Datepicker: …
…Add Tajikistan localization.

(cherry picked from commit 0cd2977)
Button: Only add text classes if there is text. Fixes #7040 - button …
…class change breaks icon only buttons.

(cherry picked from commit e72afe4)
Datepicker i18n: corrected arabic month name for May. Fixed #7055 - D…
…atepicker: arabic month name has March in place of May

(cherry picked from commit 5c6afa8)

RedWolves replied Mar 4, 2011

Please use QUnit for tests

michaelmwu and others added some commits Mar 5, 2011

Sortable: Changed floating calculation to determine also whether item…
…s are being displayed horizontally. Helps fix odd sorting behavior for horizontal lists. Fixed #6702 - horizontal sortable not working (and solution)(cherry picked from commit f1d939b)
Datepicker: Reformat minDate/maxDate when dateFormat changes. Fixes #…
…7009 - Reformat minDate/maxDate when dateFormat changes.

(cherry picked from commit 74b7c3f)
Mouse: Reset click event suppression on next mousedown. Fixes #6946 -…
… Mouse: click event suppressed after drag in Gecko(cherry picked from commit 548bdb1)
Mouse: Adding visual test for issue #6946 - Mouse: click event suppre…
…ssed after drag in Gecko(cherry picked from commit cf0649e)
Draggable: modify margins of the containment according to the margin …
…of the draggable element. Fixed #7084 - Draggable with parent containment and margin

(cherry picked from commit 3a0ec39)
Effects demo: Animate a containing div instead of the canvas directly…
… for easing demo. Fixes #7086 - easing only first click is working.

Canvas seems to be animating poorly in Chrome 11 - and animating the height only is scaling width too in some browsers yet not others...
(cherry picked from commit fa7f5d2)
Droppable: enabled and accepting droppables are now activated prior t…
…o evaluating their geometry. Fixes #7104 Droppable: if activeClass changes the geometry of a droppable, then dnd uses the wrong geometry.

(cherry picked from commit 86e6ed2)
Button: find associated label even without common ancestor. Fixes #70…
…92 - button creation that requires a matching label does not find label in all cases

(cherry picked from commit 0b30a1d)
Draggable: Calling .refreshPositions instead of ._refreshItems when d…
…ragging with a connected sortable to force containerCache initialisation/update. Fixed: #5563 - connectToSortable misbehaves if the position of the sortable changes after the sortable and draggable have been initialised as _refreshItems no longer updating container cache.(cherry picked from commit 84257e7)
Button: avoid .last() call to ensure compatibility with jQuery 1.3. F…
…ixed #7089 - Button: .last() used in ui.button but not exists in jQ 1.3
Accordion: set aria-selected to true on selected header, false on oth…
…ers. Fixed #7078 - Accordion: Set aria-selected
Autocomplete: new option autoFocus, default false. Fixed #7032 - Auto…
…complete: Add option to automatically highlight the first result
Autocomplete: added unit tests for autoFocus. Fixed #7032 - Autocompl…
…ete: Add option to automatically highlight the first result

(cherry picked from commit 56b7ec1)

rdworth and others added some commits Sep 13, 2011

Datepicker i18n hu: Corrected four-digit year in dateFormat. Fixes #7…
…714 - Hungarian translation

(cherry picked from commit cedac75)
Datepicker: Added additional check to checkExternalClick to work when…
… clicking in another datepicker and removed old fix. Fixes #7686 - infinite loop when onclose event shows a second calendar

(cherry picked from commit af76ad1)
Sortable: replaced hard-coded sortable with this.widgetName, and remo…
…ved lines from destroy that are handled by super. Fixes #7741 - ui.sortable is not working when it is extended

(cherry picked from commit 228b1b1)
Progressbar: Hide overflowing content. Fixes #7743 - Progressbar: Val…
…ue div can flow out of wrapper div.

(cherry picked from commit 25ba0e6)
Build: `ant size` will now give you a report detailing differences in…
… size since the last time you ran the report

(cherry picked from commit 264139b)


Autocomplete: Re-enable native autocomplete whent he page is unloaded…
…. Fixes #7790 - Autocomplete-enabled text input does not keep value when using back button in browser.
Build: Switching to uglify.js instead of closure compilier. Saves 4 m…
…inutes per build, and actually produces slightly smaller files

(cherry picked from commit bd71f24)


Autocomplete: Add 1px to the width of the menu to avoid wrapping in F…
…irefox. Fixes #7513 - Autocomplete: long text wraps in Firefox.

(cherry picked from commit 4cc61b4)
Position: Added a check for fraction support in element positions. Fi…
…xes #7255 - Position: Revisit solution for off-by-1 errors.
Datepicker: Changed Kazakh locale from kz to kk. Fixes #7829 - Kazakh…
…stan language code.

(cherry picked from commit f11dab3)
Theme base core: Updated clearfix to 'new micro clearfix hack' by Nic…
…olas Gallagher . Fixed #7838 - Clearfix breaks after runs through YUI Compressor

(cherry picked from commit c21a5b4)
Widget: Set in ._trigger(). Fixes #7852 - Droppable even…
…t target changes under jQuery 1.7.

(cherry picked from commit 1b16514)
Demos accordion hoverintent: moved event.type setter to not clobber e…
…vent.type. Partial fix for #7871 - Demo accordion hoverintent: hover instead of hoverintent behavior with jQuery 1.7.0

(cherry picked from commit f0f54e3)
Selectable: add ui-selectee class to elements matching filter on refr…
…esh. Fixes #7716 - Selectable: new elements added programatically don't have class ui-selectee

(cherry picked from commit 97bc2d9)
Merge pull request #511 from basti1253/master
build: removes disturbing error outputs on which call(cherry picked from commit d764388)
Datepicker: Added Luxembourgish translation. Fixes #7891 Datepicker: …
…Add Luxembourgish Translation

(cherry picked from commit 326bfec)
Datepicker: Added Welsh/UK localization. Fixes #7892 Datepicker: Add …
…Welsh/UK Localization

(cherry picked from commit 6525365)
Datepicker: Added Macedonian i18n for date picker plugin. Fixes #7893…
… Datepicker: Add Macedonian Localization

(cherry picked from commit b2d05f8)
Datepicker: added i18n for nl-BE. Fixes #7895 Datepicker: Add Dutch (…
…Belgium) Localization

(cherry picked from commit dfbd9be)
Droppable: Make sure._drop is called for all relevant droppables. Fix…
…es #6009 - Upper droppable should receive draggable. Fixes #6085 - Parent droppable takes precedence over dynamically created child droppable.

(cherry picked from commit fdc332e)
Datepicker: Fix `this` reference in _hideDatepicker(). Fixed #7722 - …
…Datepicker: Does not properly clear current instance when hidden.

(cherry picked from commit c36b43d)
Selectable: Explicitly check event.ctrlKey now that jQuery differenti…
…ates between meta and ctrl. Fixes #7858 - ctrl-click to select multiple elements not working.

(cherry picked from commit 35dd041)
Button: Apply overflow: hidden in all browsers except IE 6,7 to avoid…
… expanding the size of the button from negative text indent. Fixes #7911 - Button: icon only button in dialog causes horizontal scrollbar in Opera.

(cherry picked from commit a3a5c65)
CSS cleanup: changed coding standard to be more readable and fixed so…
…me whitespace issues

Using the following coding standard makes the CSS much more readable and easier to handle (e.g. copying and pasting or commenting rules) and also makes it easier to identify the differences between commits:

selector {
    property: value;
    property: value;
CSS cleanup: removed invalid CSS from core styles
Used cleaner alternatives for .ui-helper-hidden-accessible and .ui-helper-clearfix and moved .ui-helper-zfix over to a new css file (jquery.ui.ancient.css) to separate IE6-only fixes from the rest to make it easier to remove them.
CSS cleanup: deleted font-family and font-size from theme styles
The font-family and font-size should always be automatically inherited from each site's styles. There's no need to include them, except for demo/previewing purposes.
CSS cleanup: moved most IE filters
* moved .ui-datepicker-cover to IE6-only styles
* moved opacity filters for .ui-priority-secondary, .ui-state-disabled and .ui-widget-shadow to new css file for non-latest browsers (jquery.ui.legacy.css) as they enhance the usability but are not essential
* only left opacity filter for .ui-widget-overlay as removing this would make the overlay unusable in IEs<9
CSS cleanup: (re)moved some IE-specific hacks
* moved all occurrences of zoom to the IE6-only styles and changed to use height instead
* except one style was also for IE7: changed '.ui-menu .ui-menu-item a' to use min-height instead
* moved star hack for .ui-button to non-latest styles and changed invalid hack into valid hack
CSS cleanup: moved vendor-specific prefixed border-radius to non-late…
…st styles

As border-radius is supported by all latest browsers, their vendor-specific prefixed equivalents are not very important anymore.
CSS cleanup: added input as another candidate for ::-moz-focus-inner
This is the only other invalid CSS left as it helps to keep button styling a bit more consistent. But it's still debatable as every button looks different in every browser anyway.
CSS cleanup: removed redundant colour
Removed border colour from .ui-selectable-helper as the colour will automatically be the inherited text colour.
CSS cleanup: IE6 fixes
* forgot '* html' in front of some IE6-only styles
* moved one left IE6-only style over to those others
CSS cleanup: IE6 fixes
* changed some fixes to use zoom again
* changed .ui-autocomplete back to use width again
* split IE6+7 button fix up into 2 different files
CSS cleanup: small font-size changes
* added font-size back to .ui-widget form elements (just in case)
* added font-size to .ui-widget itself to avoid problems when it's attached to form elements themselves
CSS cleanup: added bigger font-size to .ui-widget in demos
The general (.ui-widget) font-size shouldn't be part of the core CSS (so, removed in a3b2ad3), but should be set if needed by the user. As the demos set a body font-size of 62.5%, the original 1.1em make sense in there.

scottgonzalez commented Dec 29, 2011

This is not a usable pull request.


selfthinker commented Dec 29, 2011

Yup, sorry. Github automatically assumed this should be merged into master, while this pull request would work for merging into 1-8-stable. Do you have any idea how to achieve that kind of pull request?


scottgonzalez commented Dec 29, 2011

When you're sending the pull request, the top of the page will say "You're asking jquery to pull..." you can click on the "jquery:master" text and change which branch you want it to send the pull request against. It's one of GitHub's many really useful, but not at all easy to discover features.


selfthinker commented Dec 29, 2011

Ah, found it out myself and sent a correct one => #559.
Sorry again.

Can anyone explain why it's calling .offset(function(_ offset) {return offset}).offset()? Master is calling .offset().left, without this hoop-jumping.

(I ask because I'd love to see #8254 fixed in this branch. Yes, I have an app that is still stuck on 1.3.2...)

Thank you. my github-fu was not strong enough to find that. :-(

coling commented on 82df692 May 2, 2012

I've noticed a problem with this commit. It's outlined here;
but I get the problem in my own plugin (not really gotten around to releasing it publicly yet as it needs a fair bit of supporting documentation and I'm lazy).

Basically, the problem is Firefox veto'ing actions. For me it only happens on the second upload when I initiate a graphical effect.
"Security Manager vetoed action arg 0 [nsIDOMHTMLDivElement.contains]"

Putting the $.contains() test inside a try/catch block avoids the error and thus is a suitable fix. I'll open a new issue about it.


gnarf replied May 2, 2012

Can you please provide a test case on jsFiddle and put it on the ticket?

I thought the test case would be a pain to write as I thought it was going to be pretty involved, but I was able to create it pretty easily in the end. I've updated the ticket.


scottgonzalez commented on bfbc0b1 Aug 19, 2012

This causes the dialog to jump when resizing. Open the default dialog demo, resize from the bottom right and notice the top left of the dialog will move.

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