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This is a test platform to test out all possible CSS properties that could potentially be animated, including some newer CSS3 ones, as well as ones that would require jQuery-Color. It was roughly modeled from effects.scale.html with some heavy refactoring.

The idea is that (eventually) jQueryUI would be able to pass all of the tests, without any complaints from #logArea. There may be some rough edges with some of the tests, but I think it's good enough to at least include in the code tree for evaluating certain animation changes. As browser support for certain CSS3 properties gets better, we can use this to figure out if the jQueryUI+browser combo works out.

(Sorry, this has been sitting on my lappy for a while, and I wanted to make sure I didn't forget to submit a pull request for this.)


@gnarf37 what do you think about this?


@SineSwiper I'm going to close this since we haven't heard anything from @gnarf37 about whether he would use this for testing effects. However, if you're interested in writing a new version that would run much faster and just list out all the failures, possibly as QUnit tests, that would probably provide more value. Thanks.

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