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i18n set svn:eol-style to native
effects.blind.js Happy New Year
effects.bounce.js Happy New Year
effects.clip.js Happy New Year
effects.core.js Prevent loading core files multiple times. Fixes #4130 - Too much rec…
effects.drop.js Happy New Year
effects.explode.js all: fixed jslint warnings
effects.fold.js all: fixed jslint warnings
effects.highlight.js Happy New Year
effects.pulsate.js whitespace
effects.scale.js all: fixed jslint warnings
effects.shake.js Happy New Year
effects.slide.js Happy New Year
effects.transfer.js all: fixed jslint warnings
ui.accordion.js all: fixed jslint warnings
ui.core.js Prevent loading core files multiple times. Fixes #4130 - Too much rec…
ui.datepicker.js datepicker: temporary solution for inline click events with noConflic…
ui.dialog.js Dialog: Don't set focus to elements in the titlebar on open. Fixes #4…
ui.draggable.js draggable: fixed numerous issues with over/out logic on connected sor…
ui.droppable.js droppable: defaults - alpha order
ui.progressbar.js progressbar: removed unused variables, some whitespace changes (fixes…
ui.resizable.js Resizable:
ui.selectable.js Fixed #3077 (Selectable cannot be selected by click)
ui.slider.js slider: fixed failing visual test: slider_in_container_with_scrollbars
ui.sortable.js Sortable: Removed sortIndicator option. Fixed #4118 - option sortIndi…
ui.tabs.js all: fixed jslint warnings
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