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The official jQuery user interface library.
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build Build: Ask user to verify AUTHORS.txt is up to date before doing a re…
demos Upgrade jQuery to 1.8.0.
external Added compound test suite and updated QUnit.
tests Upgrade jQuery to 1.8.0.
themes/base Datepicker: Remove styles specifically for IE5.
.gitignore Build: Removed ant build.
AUTHORS.txt Updated AUTHORS.txt with URLs to website and Github, thanks Ralph
GPL-LICENSE.txt removed extra level ui folder
MIT-LICENSE.txt Updated copyright year. Fixing another typo in README
grunt.js Grunt: Replace all instances of @VERSION during copy. Fixes #8261 - B…
jquery-1.8.0.js Upgrade jQuery to 1.8.0.
package.json Tagging the 1.8.23 release.

jQuery UI - Interactions and Widgets for the web

jQuery UI provides interactions like Drag and Drop and widgets like Autocomplete, Tabs and Slider and makes these as easy to use as jQuery itself.

If you want to use jQuery UI, go to to get started. Or visit the Using jQuery UI Forum for discussions and questions.

If you are interested in helping developing jQuery UI, you are in the right place. To discuss development with team members and the community, visit the Developing jQuery UI Forum.

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