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Latest commit c87653b @apushak apushak committed with scottgonzalez Accordion: Correct height calculated when closed
Fixes #11938
Closes gh-1536
Closes gh-1616
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accordion Accordion: Correct height calculated when closed
autocomplete Autocomplete: Whitespace
button Button: Add tests for button with html markup
checkboxradio Checkboxradio: Properly find radio groups from the associated form
controlgroup Controlgroup: Add compound test suite for all jQuery versions
core Focusable: Fix handling of `visibility: inherit`
datepicker Datepicker: Fix flaky test
dialog Dialog: Escape closeText option before passing it to button
draggable Draggable: Improve detection for when to blur the active element
droppable Droppable: Style updates
effects Tests: Fix jshint includes for datepicker and effects
form-reset-mixin FormRestMixin: Style updates
menu Menu: Style updates
position Position: Style updates
progressbar Progressbar: Style updates
resizable Resizable: Style updates
selectable Selectable: Style updates
selectmenu Selectmenu: Handle form resets
slider Slider: Add missing unit test cases for values method
sortable Tests: Fix improper async sortable test
spinner Spinner: Style updates
tabs Tabs: Handle overly-precise values in tests in IE
tooltip Tooltip: Style updates
widget Widget: Call `._setOptionDisabled()` on init if the widget is disabled
all.html Form Reset: Add form reset mixin
index.html Controlgroup: Inital commit of new widget
subsuite.js Build: Use jquery-git in place of jquery-compat-git
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